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Український Час, до Ваших послуг майже півстоліття.
Le Temps Ukrainien, à votre service depuis près d'un demi-siècle.
Ukrainian Time, at your service for almost half a century.


Le Temps Ukrainien est une émission d'une heure, principalement en ukrainien, mais aussi parfois en français et en anglais, tient l'antenne depuis 1963. Le Temps Ukrainien à pour but de rapprocher la communauté ukrainienne du grand Montréal.

L'émission est diffusé le samedi à 18 h. sur les ondes de Radio CFMB 1280 AM. Les programmes sonts archivés sur ce site web pour quelques semaines à la fois.

Les programmes sont animé principalement par Oxana Senkiv, Valentyna Golash, Lina Gavrilova et père Ihor Kutash, le producteur délégué. L'équipe compte en autres : Rostyslav Nyemtsev, Plato Boyko, Vasyl Pawlowsky, Helena Waverchuck et Simon Kouklewsky, le réalisateur.

George Black Promotions was founded in the spring of 1987 as a playful foray into the world of music & media to assist a couple of energetic Montreal bands in their quest to make themselves heard. Music has always been a passion of the folk who make up the company.

There were other venues to play in however: the air-waves! In 1988 the company began producing weekly inspirational radio broadcasts for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, which for a time spanned the globe!

In December 1989 GBP was entrusted with a weekly magazine-format Ukrainian-language radio broadcast Ukrainian Time (CFMB 1280 AM Radio Montreal) ". Ukrainian Time is Canada's longest-running Ukrainian-language radio programme, which first aired on September 7, 1963!

On April 14, 2001, Ukrainian Time was the first Ukrainian radio program in Canada to be featured online.

Ukrainian Time is the Ukrainian-language media, which bonds the Ukrainian community in Montreal. Material is often presented in English and French.

The one-hour show is broadcast from Radio CFMB 1280 AM in Montreal on Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. and archived on this website for a few weeks at a time.

The Ukrainian Time Team consists of: Oxana Senkiv, Valentyna Golash, Lina Gavrilova, Rostyslav Nyemtsev, Plato Boyko, Vasyl Pawlowsky, Helena Waverchuck, Simon Kouklewsky (producer) and V. Rev. Dr Ihor Kutash (executive producer).

Between November 1995 and August 2010 we produced the inspirational French-language weekly broadcast of Regards Orthodoxes for "Radio Ville-Marie." (91,3 FM in Montreal)

We have also produced two videos: "River of Joy" in 1988 which has won a number of awards and been telecast across Canada; and "Harvest of Faith" in 2000 (also for the UOCC).


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